Join Wood County WI ARES/RACES


Level 1 Basic member:

  • Must possess a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator license
  • Be willing to complete and successfully pass online tests for FEMA ICS courses ICS-100 ICS-200, ICS-700 and ICS-800, as well as National Weather Service Skywarn  storm spotter training.  At this level a member will be able to participate in the field in storm spotting, public service for bicycle races, runs/walks, halloween patrol and other public service deployments.

Level 2 Full member:

  • Successfully complete the ARRL Emergency Communications (EC-001) Course

Description. This course is designed to provide basic knowledge and tools for any emergency communications volunteer. The course has 6 sections with 29 lesson topics. It includes required student activities, a 35-question final assessment and is expected to take approximately 45 hours to complete over a 9-week period. You will have access to the course platform at any time of day during this 9-week period so you may work according to your own schedule. You must pace yourself to be sure you complete all the required material in the allotted time.

  • Participate in one net per month.
  • Be the net control station twice per year.

Level 3 Leadership and EOC:

  • ICS-300, ICS-400, ICS Management Series

We realize that this is a volunteer organization, however, we serve many different agencies (Police, Fire, Public Works departments, two Hospitals, The National Weather Service, the National Red Cross, FEMA, Wisconsin Emergency Management and Wood County Emergency Management.  As such, they have required a basic amount of training and functionality which we must meet.

This may all sound daunting, but as stated, we understand that as volunteers, a fair amount of latitude must be allowed given time constraints and real life events.  We understand as we have all been there.

One final thing to consider.  We do ask for dedication to a team effort.  As such, please remember that we are communicators.  We may assist agencies in ways that do not involve our radios.  Running messages, answering telephones, operating email, fax machines, doing log entries.  A list too lengthy to fully publish.

Attitude is everything!  Having fun with our radios is why many of us took up the ham radio hobby.  But working for public service agencies is serious business, so please understand that if you are participating in ARES/RACES, you represent a community of operators that have worked hard for respect.  Do not let them down.

To join Wood County WI ARES/RACES, you must go to the ARES Connect link listed below and register. To create your account, you must use your call sign as your username (that’s how we identify who you are), choose your own password and fill in the information on the page. Once registered, sign out and sign back in. That will complete the process. The account creation process is painless and asks about training that was recommended as minimum standards. Contact Mike at if you have questions. Make sure that your landing page says Welcome to ARES Connect Wisconsin! 
Here’s the link: